My travelling experience

Two years back i decided to go abroad for my job.I got the required documents. it was a very hard and tough job for me to get the documents because it is very time consuming job in Pakistan.Firstly you have to go NADRA office to get the Nicope ID and then of course passport office. But there are many people who are on lines to get their documents as early as possible but it seems that every one is in a hurry to get his turn. Some persons get fight in this regard.Because you will see long lines inside and outside the offices.But eventually i got the success after a long time and got the other documents.It was an early morning flight at 6 am. So i have to travel al night. Because you have to reach at air port before 2 or 3 hours. So i got the driver.Driver started the car at 10;30 pm and we reached Islamabad at 2am.I enterd the airport at 3am. My plane flew at 6;30am.It was almost 30 minutes late.Remaining story i shall share with you tomorrow Inshallah.


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